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Bulpharma Ltd.
Bulpharma Ltd.
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Over two decades of impeccable reputation and service

Our goal is to be useful to you by striving to respond as accurately and quickly to your requirements and needs. We execute wholesale orders in a short time after your request, offering:

Personalized approach to work according to the specific needs of our partners and clients.

Wide selection of products

We offer a wide range of medicinal products for human medicine, medical devices and nutritional supplements.


Our products are of proven origin, and we have the necessary certificates for production and distribution.

Perfect service

A highly qualified team will coordinate your order and delivery.

Bulpharma Ltd.
Bulpharma Ltd.

ADVANTAGESOver 20 years of experience

Since 2000, BULPHARMA Ltd. has been investing in the field of healthcare and in the same year made the first in Bulgaria privatization of a public health institution in Pazardzhik.

Since then, the company through privatization and its own construction has created 6 hospitals and 7 clinics throughout the country. The largest of the 6 hospitals is University Hospital “Sofiamed”, which has 626 beds.

Since its establishment until today, the company has acquired majority stakes in 31 companies in addition to healthcare, as well as in pharmacy, construction, public transport and logistics, production of construction materials, real estate management etc.

Bulpharma Ltd.
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Your health is our priority

Bulpharma works in close partnership with some of the largest hospitals in the country. Our main goal and mission are your health, so we offer quality products for human medicine and service at a high professional level.

Over 3000 staff

6 hospitals and 7 polyclinics

Majority shares in 31 companies

Bulpharma LTDDistribution of medicinal products

The company distributes medicinal products, medical devices and nutritional supplements to hospitals, pre-hospital and medical centers, as well as external pharmacies and has its own logistics center, located in Plovdiv with an area of ​​2400 . It has a technological system for processing and forwarding orders, which minimizes errors and speeds up the process of their execution.

Bulpharma’s clients are some of the largest hospitals in the country, such as:

  • University Hospital “Sofiamed”
  • University Hospital “Pulmed”
  • MBAL “Burgasmed”
  • MBAL “Zdrave” – Velingrad
  • Medical structure “Health” – Pazardzhik
  • MBAL „Prof. Dr. Ranev ” – Peshtera
Bulpharma Ltd.

Bulpharma LTDReliable delivery

The company has its own car fleet and opportunities for delivery of the requested quantities from stock.

Quality certificates

Bulpharma Ltd. has the necessary certificates in accordance with international requirements for quality and occupational safety.

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate (2018 - 2019)

ISO 9001: 2015 certificate (2019 - 2022)